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The Modern West: Season 1 Preview

The Modern West is getting a reboot! New host, new theme music, and brand-new stories just for this podcast. Season 1 starts September 17.

The Modern West 52: Gone Fishin'

Nothing says summer like fishing.

The Modern West 51: Remembering World War II

A painting brings the attack on Pearl Harbor back to life, recalling the war years in Wyoming, and the story of a dramatic war-time prison break that only surfaced in recent years.

The Modern West 50: Archaeology And Fossils, Part 2

Archaeologists are in a race against time to document some artifacts found in the Mountain West.

The Modern West 49: Archaeology And Fossils, Part 1

How archaeologists are trying to track down the remaining pieces of a mammoth found in Wyoming.

The Modern West 48: Zarif Khan

Here's the story of an early 20 th century Pakistani immigrant who created a life in Wyoming and set the path for others to follow.

The Modern West 47: Back In The Saddle

It's horseracing season, but instead of thoroughbreds, meet America's original horse.

The Modern West 46: Critters

From the mighty moose to the tiny stone fly, scientists are learning more about the animals we live with in Wyoming. Meanwhile, in Idaho, a town is trying to get thousands of crows to move …

The Modern West 45: Winning Winter

Men and women skiers might race down the same mountain, but the prize money at the bottom isn’t necessarily the same. Plus, how ice climbing is warming to female climbers and a conversation …

The Modern West 44: High Country, High Voices

New York, Milan…Casper? Opera comes to Wyoming.

The Modern West 43: Slippery Slope

Ski season is upon us as the sport faces major changes: how climate change is affecting ski resorts and whether downhill skiing is turning into a sport reserved for the wealthy.

The Modern West 42: 'We're Still Here, We're Not A Vanishing Race'

How the University of Wyoming hopes to increase Native American student enrollment, and how public school curricula represent indigenous peoples.

The Modern West 41: Climate Change Remains Contentious In The West

As the urgency around climate change increases, here’s a look at how the West is reacting.

The Modern West 40: More People, Less Affordable Housing

The Mountain West's population boom is putting a squeeze on affordable housing. What's being done address the issue?

The Modern West 39: The Fight For Land Conservation

Are public lands meant to be used or protected?

The Modern West 38: Grizzly

Context and controversy surrounding the delisting of the Yellowstone grizzly bear and this fall's proposed hunt.

The Modern West 37: "Whiskey's For Drinkin' And Water's For Fightin' Over"

In the arid West, how do we manage the limited amount of water available to us? Exploring the complex issues of water…where it comes from, how it’s used, and who gets to use it.

The Modern West 36: Unexpected Migration

As climate change warms the West, birds of prey are moving north. What happens when an apex predator leaves its native hunting grounds?

The Modern West 35: Forgotten Women Of The West

From washing the army’s clothes to solving murders, three authors tell the stories of strong Western women.

The Modern West 34: From Fact To Fancy, How Native Americans Are Portrayed

Nearly a quarter of Wyoming’s population is Native American. But how they are portrayed—by Natives and by whites—is complicated.

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Start listening to The Modern West: Season 1 Preview
Start listening to The Modern West: Season 1 Preview